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Pick Me Up Service

(Not available in all areas)

Perfect if you are
Drinking  |  Stuck with your car at a bar  |  Tired  |  Impaired  |  Near or over legal alcohol limit


  • Must call by 1:45 AM - 7 days a week!
  • Must be a registered DD4HireTM customer
  • Pick up in 15 - 45 minutes
  • Ride in the comfort of your own vehicle
      costs much less than limos

Gets you and your car home safely
Avoid DUI tickets/arrest/fines/injuries

How it works

  • Call 1-844-DD4-HIRE (1-844-334-4473) from any bar, event, restaurant or home
  • Must have credit card for the booking fee
  • Must have cash for the drivers
  • One driver will take you and your vehicle home
  • A second driver will go to your residence to return the first driver to their vehicle

Don't risk an accident or DUI arrest.

Also, call from home parties. You, your guests and car will be picked up within 15-45 minutes and delivered home safely.

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